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  • Product Name:GPS Vehicle Tracker NT21A for ebike motorcycle scooter car
  • Model Number:NT21A
  • Category:2G GPS Tracker
  • Brand Name:NM
  • Origin:Shenzhen,China
  • Download:Specification
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1.  7-65 volt conection for all kind of vehicle
2.IP65 waterproof range.
3.With back battery .
4.Free tracking site,free iOS/android app life time.
5.With USB cable to charge.
6.LBS+GPS tracking
7.Remote engine
8.Ignition inspection for anti-theft.
9.Built-in moving sensor to realize alarm function
10.Geo-fence,automatically in/out fence alarm
11.Sleep mode to save battery life




device size:69*39*19mm/55g

Single pack 10.2*6.2*8.2cm

single pack gross weight 0.35KG

Accessories and packing box:




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