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 Web based GPS Tracking Platform 

  Brief Features:

1. BS structure, very stable design.



2. Live tracking the car's position on map, arm/release alarm, stop the car, etc.



3. Free draw and predefine the traveling route online in the map.



4. History path stored & playback, alarm history review.



5. Geo-fence, Movement alert & over-speed alert.



6. Report function: Movement report, alarm report, history report, mileage report, fuel consumption report etc.



7. English/Chinese/Customized language accepted.



8. Supported about 3000-10, 000 vehicles.



9. Strong user management function and vehicle management function, many useful widgets.


10. Can be installed at your server computer, can create and manage your customers' accounts.


 In a CD, send by email or online installation

 Server Hardware Requirement

1. Dual Core 2 CPU
2. 2G Memory
3. Hard disk 80G or more 

 Software requirements:


Windows 2003 or 2008

MySQL 5.0


Java Tomcat

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