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Car Vehicle GPS tracker TK103-2

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TK103-2 Original Besides all the function of TK-103,it also has the advanced functions as below:)

●It has an mini SD card slot ,after insert a mini SD card, when there is not GPRS connection, it stores the GPRS data and when there comes the GPRS connection, it sends our all the GPRS data.

●It has an motion sensor, then shakes the tracker, it sends alert.

●It has a GSM ID function, when the GPS is not working, it sends the location. It can locate indoor, but the precision is not good as GPS locates.

●The minimum interval time is 5s.The normal tracker is 30s.

●It can do all sms settings by a PC software without a simcard in the tracker.(no fees to do all the settings).

●It supports sending the sms commands by GPRS in your server.

●It supports dual simcards.

●Control the engine remotely.(2 inputs/out puts)

●It is easy to customizing.

Weight:80 grams(battery included)
GSM sensitivity:Less than -102dBm
GPS chipset:SirF III chipset
GPS sensitivity:-159dBm
GPS accuracy:5m
Cold/ Hot TTFF:35/2s
Car charger:12—24V input, 5V ouput
Wall charger:110-220V input, 5V output
Battery Power:3.7V DC Li-Ion Battery,800mA
Battery Life:About 48hours
Operating Temperature:-10°C to +65°C
Storage Temperature:-20°C to +70°C
Relative Humidity:5% to 95 %, non-condensing
Protocol supports:Supports TCP/UDP


◆Manage vehicle rental or outside equipment,etc.

◆Fleet management.

◆Protect the elder/kid/the disabled/pet,etc.

◆Protect the businessmen,and manage the outworker.

◆Covert Tracking.

Features Description: (It is a GSM/GPRS/GPS Tracker)

We have two versions of our gps tracker TK103,the old STC solution and the new ARM7 solution. Now,we are main pushing our new version TK103-2 due to there are many cloned ones in the market,what’s more,instead of the old TK103,TK103-2 improves on the previous version in terms of stability,speed, software,etc.

TK103-2 with all the features which the old TK103 has, besides these, the following features are all available:
1.  The minimum interval for data sending of TK103 is 30 seconds, for the new ARM7 solution, it can be 5 seconds.

  1. Data adds Direction, Altitude,Battery voltage,Charging status,Number of satellites,The length of the GPRS string, GSM ID(includs MCC, MNC, Cell ID.)
  2. Supports more languages like english, spanish,etc.
  3. The commands can be sent to the tracker by GPRS tracking server directly but not only by telephone SMS.
  4. Motion sensor for TK103-2 supported, the unit will send an alert to the user at once when it moved or touched heavily..
  5. SD card slot in TK103-2 supported. The GPRS data can be saved in SD card(not provided) when there is no GPRS connection and the GPRS data can be sent to the tracking server when the GPRS is on.
  6. For auto tracking, no need to send the coordinates if the moving distance is less than 50 meters.
  7. longer standby time,For the old one, the standby battery time is about 40 hours, for the new ARM7 solution, it can be 90 hours.
  8. Google link and sms test returns from the tracker can be switched by a sms command.
  9. Support dual simards,it saves the roam fees and good for other purposes of using dual simcards.
  10. Other basic features:SOS,Over speed/movement alert,Geofence,etc.
  11. The new ARM7 solution offer us much more space for programming, then we can offer more customized performance.It is much easier to modify the software base on TK103-2.

Main Features:

Supports TCP/UDP

Report /Auto Reporting-the minimum interval time is 5s.


Over speed/movement alert.


It supports operated by GPRS if the server allows.

GSM ID supported

Motion sensor provided.

SD card slot supported,when there is not GPRS connection,the SD card(not provide) stores the GPRS information and when there comes the GPRS,sends out all the related GPRS information.

Cut engine(Free relay provided)

Support dual simcards(dual simards single standby)

Support connecting the car alarm system.

Send all the sms commands by a PC software without simcard.

Google link and sms test returns from the tracker can be switched by a sms command.

Basic Operation:

1)         Prepair a SIM card which is the same sim card for your mobile,close the pincode pls.

2)         Put the SIM card in a mobile,then call it by your mobile to check whether it can display the calling number. Send a SMS to your mobile and check whether you can get the SMS and reply it directly.

3)         Sometimes the telephone will shift to other mobile number if there is nobody answers for one mobile number.Pls close this function also.

4)         Put the SIM card and the battery to the tracker.

5)         Put the tracker outside to get the signals.

6)         Send SMS “begin123456” to the tracker to initialize it. (123456 is the default password)

7)         Call it when the indicator begins to flash.It will hang up and send you SMS with lantitude,longitude.You can go to google earth with these information to check the position.

8)         Send SMS “admin123456 *******” to the tracker by your mobile to authorize your mobile number while ******* is your mobile number.There is a space between 123456 and *******.(123456 is the default password)

9)         Send SMS “t020s002n123456” to the tracker.It will send you SMS 2 times in 20s interval.You can choose the times and the interval by yourself.(s—second, m----minite, h----hour) You can send SMS “t020s***n123456” to the tracker if you want the tracker to send you SMS without stopping.

10)      Press SOS button. The tracker will send you SMS without stopping until you send a SMS “help me” to it.

11)       If you want to change the password,pls send SMS “password123456 ******” to the tracker while ****** is the new password(the password should be 6 digitals).

12)       Pls remember the password if you have changed otherwise you have to update the frimware to reset it to the default situation.

13)       We give the testboard and some wires for each customer for them to update the firmware.As to how to updating, we will tell you how to do when you need to do.

Web based tracking:

If you don't want to use the sms report,if you have a web based tracking server,then you can do all the setting above and make the TK103-2 configure with your server.And if you don't have a server,you can use our simple web based tracking server as below,

Mobile tracking solution:

If you don't have a server or you don't want to use our server and you dislike the way of sms reports,we advise you use the mobile tracking solution,you can use a mobile(has mapping system)call the tracker,the tracker returns you a sms with the link as below,,114.079186&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwIoc=addr&om=1speed:000.0,

Click the link,you will get the location on the map.And if you have good orders,we can customize the link for you such as,114.079186&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwIoc=addr&om=1speed:000.0,


Standard accessories:  one manual,one external gps antenna,one external relay

Gift box:19*13 *5.5cm /0.7kg                                   
Carton:39.5 *29.5*27.5cm/20pcs/10kg

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