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Sell original GPS Tracker TK102-2 with vibration alert

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Basic Operation:

1)         Prepair a SIM card which is the same sim card for your mobile,close the pincode pls.

2)         Put the SIM card in a mobile,then call it by your mobile to check whether it can display the calling number. Send a SMS to your mobile and check whether you can get the SMS and reply it directly.

3)         Sometimes the telephone will shift to other mobile number if there is nobody answers for one mobile number.Pls close this function also.

4)         Put the SIM card and the battery to the tracker.

5)         Put the tracker outside to get the signals.

6)         Send SMS “begin123456” to the tracker to initialize it. (123456 is the default password)

7)         Call it when the indicator begins to flash.It will hang up and send you SMS with lantitude,longitude.You can go to google earth with these information to check the position.

8)         Send SMS “admin123456 *******” to the tracker by your mobile to authorize your mobile number while ******* is your mobile number.There is a space between 123456 and *******.(123456 is the default password)

9)         Send SMS “t020s002n123456” to the tracker.It will send you SMS 2 times in 20s interval.You can choose the times and the interval by yourself.(s—second, m----minite, h----hour) You can send SMS “t020s***n123456” to the tracker if you want the tracker to send you SMS without stopping.

10)      Press SOS button. The tracker will send you SMS without stopping until you send a SMS “help me” to it.

11)       If you want to change the password,pls send SMS “password123456 ******” to the tracker while ****** is the new password(the password should be 6 digitals).

12)       Pls remember the password if you have changed otherwise you have to update the frimware to reset it to the default situation.

13)       We give the testboard and some wires for each customer for them to update the firmware.As to how to updating, we will tell you how to do when you need to do.

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